Radiation Effects and Events (RE&E) Collections encompass areas where ionized radiation has affected our world. Collections include materials related to low-dose radiation studies into Chernobyl disaster and nuclear testing in Kurchatov, Kazakhstan. The collections expand on the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) Collections. For roughly forty years the McGovern Historical Center, Texas Medical Center Library has preserved and made accessible the personal papers of ABCC staff, physicians, and nurses. Similarly, the RE&E Collections offer future advocates, scientists, researchers, and scholars an opportunity to study the purposes and accomplishments of the individuals, organizations, and institutions that study the effects of ionized radiation.

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An Initial Overview of Radiation Effects

Armin Weinberg

Boris Yoffe, MD Papers

Phillip D. Robinson, MHA, LFACHE Papers

Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation Records

Theresa Hayes, MD, PhD Papers