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Albina Orazgaliyeva


This is a personal statement written by Albina Orazgaliyeva (now Rippy). She was the daughter of our colleague (Marina) in Semipalatinsk who we helped come to the US to study. She eventually graduated from UH, married, and built a very successful business that they sold called Yoga One. The statement however is a powerful reminder of the reach of the partnership that went well beyond our funded mandate to that of friendship. Her family built a very successful private pharmacy and production business at a time when almost none existed after the breakup of the Soviet Union left countries like Kazakhstan with minimal capacity to meet the needs of their people. In an email of 3-29-2019 Albina wrote.. I wrote this essay for my law school applications. I was accepted to every law school I applied pretty much because of this essay even though my LSAT score was not so great. My life took me in a different direction and I never went to law school, thank GOD:) See more at Armin Weinberg, PhD Papers and its finding aid.


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