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January 22, 2013




Doctor of Philosophy, Epidemiology, Faculty, Research Personnel, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. School of Public Health, Public Health


An oral Interview with Dr. Lu Ann Aday, distinguished professor emerita in public health and medicine at the University of Texas School of Medicine and Public Health. She is the inaugural holder of the Lorne D. Bain Distinguished Professorship in Public Health and Medicine at the University of Texas, School of Public Health, and has advised numerous masters' and doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows during her more than 30 years in the field. With training in economics and sociology, Dr. Aday has authored a number of books dealing with conceptual or empirical aspects of research on access to health and health care for vulnerable populations, as well as the leading textbook to guide the design and conduct of health surveys. Dr. Aday is a fellow of the Association for Health Services Research and a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and holds numerous awards and honors for excellence in scholarship, mentoring and teaching.


Interview by Natalie Garza, transcript by Michelle Kokes.

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