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Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology


PURPOSE: Atopic and contact dermatitis have been attributed to skin barrier abnormalities, immune system dysfunction and inflammation leading to pruritus. As these factors may involve oxidative stress, emollient devices containing antioxidants furfuryl palmitate and tocopherol may help reduce itching and inflammation. In this study, a post-marketing questionnaire was carried out of 40 users of a novel emollient device containing furfuryl palmitate and tocopherol (Relizema™ cream), who purchased it from a pharmacy or health-care professional to ascertain the emollient device's action on itching, flushing and moisturizing.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: The post-marketing questionnaire, administered by trained pharmacy and health-care staff, collected data on age; diagnosis; number of times per day and for how many days the emollient device was applied; whether the product helped alleviate itching and flushing, and in what time frame if so; and how their skin felt after using the emollient.

RESULTS: Most patients had atopic dermatitis (n = 25) or irritant contact dermatitis (n = 10); most were aged ≥19 years (n = 20) or between 3 and 12 years (n = 12). Most used the emollient device twice a day (n = 26) or more (n = 11) with 27 using it for ≤30 days. Patients predominantly reported that the emollient device "significantly improved" itching (n = 34) and flushing (n = 31) with a response being noted within 1 day (n = 17) or 1 week (n = 22). All users felt the product "protected and moisturized" their skin, the product texture was "pleasant" to "excellent" and the "non-fragrance" smell was "acceptable" to "excellent".

CONCLUSION: Use of a novel emollient device containing ingredients aimed at managing atopic or contact dermatitis, including furfuryl palmitate and tocopherol, led to rapid improvements in itching and flushing. The emollient device was acceptable to the users.


post-marketing surveillance, pediatric, adult, skin barrier repair, steroid-free



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