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INTRODUCTION: Reddit, a popular social media website, has numerous forums where users may discuss healthcare-related topics and request diagnostic and treatment advice for dermatologic conditions. We sought to analyze and grade user-submitted requests for dermatologic advice and their top responses on Reddit.

METHODS: User-submitted posts requesting diagnostic advice and their respective responses on two popular Reddit forums, SkinCareAddiction (ScA) and DermatologyQuestions (DQ), were reviewed by three board-certified dermatologists using a grading rubric designed for this study.

RESULTS: 300 posts and comments were reviewed. Diagnoses among all graders matched in 52.3% of posts with a mean grader confidence score of 4/5 (95% CI 3.89-4.11). 31% of responder's comments recommended a diagnosis not included by any reviewer. Mean scores for the top comment's accuracy, appropriateness, and potential to be misleading/dangerous were 3.28/5 (95% CI 3.12-3.45), 3.3/5 (95% CI 3.14-3.45), and 2.33/5 (95% CI 2.18-2.48), respectively.

CONCLUSION: Reddit may be informative to patients requesting dermatologic advice. However, responses should be taken with caution as the information provided may be inaccurate or insufficient for treatment recommendations. Dermatologists should be aware of these resources used by patients.


advice, dermatology, online, reddit, skincareaddiction dermatologyquestions, social media



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