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Pulmonary embolisms can affect 0.9 in 100,000 children and carry high risk for mortality. However, management of pediatric pulmonary embolism is largely derived from adult studies and treatment often includes local or systemic thrombolytics or anticoagulation, which may pose unique bleeding risks in children and adolescents compared with adults. This report describes a case in which catheter-directed embolectomy was used to successfully manage a pediatric patient with high-risk/massive pulmonary embolism. This case suggests that catheter-directed embolectomy is an effective therapy in patients outside the adult population and more research is required to expand inclusion criteria for current catheter-directed embolectomy treatment paradigms. Moreover, this case emphasizes the need for dedicated pediatric pulmonary embolism response teams to best serve the pediatric population.


Pediatric pulmonary embolism, catheter-directed embolectomy, PERT



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