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Frontiers in Neuroscience



Initial precipitating injury (IPI) such as febrile convulsion and intracranial infection will increase the susceptibility to epilepsy. It is still unknown if the functional deficits differ between mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with IPI (mTLE-IPI) and without IPI (mTLE-NO).


We recruited 25 mTLE-IPI patients, 35 mTLE-NO patients and 33 healthy controls (HC). Static regional homogeneity (sReHo) and dynamic regional homogeneity (dReHo) were then adopted to estimate the alterations of local neuronal activity. One-way analysis of variance was used to analyze the differences between the three groups in sReHo and dReHo. Then the results were utilized as masks for further between-group comparisons. Besides, correlation analyses were carried out to detect the potential relationships between abnormal regional homogeneity indicators and clinical characteristics.


When compared with HC, the bilateral thalamus and the visual cortex in mTLE-IPI patients showed an increase in both sReHo and variability of dReHo. Besides, mTLE-IPI patients exhibited decreased sReHo in the right cerebellum crus1/crus2, inferior parietal lobule and temporal neocortex. mTLE-NO patients showed decreased sReHo and variability of dReHo in the bilateral temporal neocortex compared with HC. Increased sReHo and variability of dReHo were found in the bilateral visual cortex when mTLE-IPI patients was compared with mTLE-NO patients, as well as increased variability of dReHo in the left thalamus and decreased sReHo in the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Additionally, we discovered a negative correlation between the national hospital seizure severity scale testing score and sReHo in the right cerebellum crus1 in mTLE-IPI patients.


According to the aforementioned findings, both mTLE-IPI and mTLE-NO patients had significant anomalies in local neuronal activity, although the functional deficits were much severer in mTLE-IPI patients. The use of sReHo and dReHo may provide a novel insight into the impact of the presence of IPI on the development of mTLE.


mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, initial precipitating injury, resting-state functional MRI, regional homogeneity, dynamic, cognitive impairment



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