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BACKGROUND: Chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) is an increasingly prevalent disease in the aging population. Patients with CSDH frequently suffer from concurrent vascular disease or develop secondary thrombotic complications requiring antithrombotic treatment.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the safety and impact of early reinitiation of antithrombotics after middle meningeal artery embolization for chronic subdural hematoma.

METHODS: This is a single-institution, retrospective study of patients who underwent middle meningeal artery (MMA) embolizations for CSDH. Patient with or without antithrombotic initiation within 5 days postembolization were compared. Primary outcome was the rate of recurrence within 60 days. Secondary outcomes included rate of reoperation, reduction in CSDH thickness, and midline shift.

RESULTS: Fifty-seven patients met inclusion criteria. The median age was 66 years (IQR 58-76) with 21.1% females. Sixty-six embolizations were performed. The median length to follow-up was 20 days (IQR 14-44). Nineteen patients (33.3%) had rapid reinitiation of antithrombotics (5 antiplatelet, 11 anticoagulation, and 3 both). Baseline characteristics between the no antithrombotic (no-AT) and the AT groups were similar. The recurrence rate was higher in the AT group (no-AT vs AT, 9.3 vs 30.4%, P = .03). Mean absolute reduction in CSDH thickness and midline shift was similar between groups. Rate of reoperation did not differ (4.7 vs 8.7%, P = .61).

CONCLUSION: Rapid reinitiation of AT after MMA embolization for CSDH leads to higher rates of recurrence with similar rates of reoperation. Care must be taken when initiating antithrombotics after treatment of CSDH with MMA embolization.


Subdural hemorrhage, Anticoagulation, Embolization, Endovascular therapy



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