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Acute ischemic stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the world. Treatment decisions, especially around emergent revascularization procedures, rely heavily on size and location of the infarct core. Currently, accurate assessment of this measure is challenging. While MRI-DWI is considered the gold standard, its availability is limited for most patients suffering from stroke. Another well-studied imaging modality is CT-Perfusion (CTP) which is much more common than MRI-DWI in acute stroke care, but not as precise as MRI-DWI, and it is still unavailable in many stroke hospitals. A method to determine infarct core using CT-Angiography (CTA), a much more available imaging modality albeit with significantly less contrast in stroke core area than CTP or MRI-DWI, would enable significantly better treatment decisions for stroke patients throughout the world.

Existing deep-learning-based approaches for stroke core estimation have to face the trade-off between voxel-level segmentation / image-level labels and the difficulty of obtaining large enough samples of high-quality DWI images. The former occurs when algorithms can either output voxel-level labeling which is more informative but requires a significant effort by annotators, or image-level labels that allow for much simpler labeling of the images but results in less informative and interpretable output; the latter is a common issue that forces training either on small training sets using DWI as the target or larger, but noisier, dataset using CT-Perfusion (CTP) as the target.

In this work, we present a deep learning approach including a new weighted gradient-based approach to obtain stroke core segmentation with image-level labeling, specifically the size of the acute stroke core volume. Additionally, this strategy allows us to train using labels derived from CTP estimations.

We find that the proposed approach outperforms segmentation approaches trained on voxel-level data and the CTP estimation themselves.


CTA, CTP, Deep learning, Multiple-instance learning, Weak labels

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