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We report a case of a patient with newly diagnosed, locally extensive and cystic, suprasellar papillary craniopharyngioma successfully treated with single-agent Dabrafenib. The patient was symptomatic with gait imbalance with falls, lethargic episodes, fatigue and incontinence. Diagnostic imaging demonstrated a cystic suprasellar tumor extending into the third ventricle causing obstructive hydrocephalus. The tumor was partially debulked, and bilateral shunts were placed. NGS sequencing demonstrated BRAF V600E mutation, and the patient was prescribed dual agent Dabrafenib and Trametinib. However, due to insurance denial for Trametinib, he only received single-agent Dabrafenib (150mg BID). The treatment resulted in a major response (over two years), including reduction of the tumor cyst, and improvement of the clinical symptoms. No adverse events have been reported. The patient continues on Dabrafenib (150 mg BID) with a steady reduction in tumor size, and improvement in cognitive function leading to independent living.


papillary, craniopharyngioma, BRAF V600E, dabrafenib, neuro-oncology



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