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Cancer Nanotechnology


In the last three decades, radiopharmaceuticals have proven their effectiveness for cancer diagnosis and therapy. In parallel, the advances in nanotechnology have fueled a plethora of applications in biology and medicine. A convergence of these disciplines has emerged more recently with the advent of nanotechnology-aided radiopharmaceuticals. Capitalizing on the unique physical and functional properties of nanoparticles, radiolabeled nanomaterials or nano-radiopharmaceuticals have the potential to enhance imaging and therapy of human diseases. This article provides an overview of various radionuclides used in diagnostic, therapeutic, and theranostic applications, radionuclide production through different techniques, conventional radionuclide delivery systems, and advancements in the delivery systems for nanomaterials. The review also provides insights into fundamental concepts necessary to improve currently available radionuclide agents and formulate new nano-radiopharmaceuticals.


Nanotechnology, Radiolabeled nanomaterial, Nano-radiopharmaceuticals, Radionuclides, Cancer



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