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OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of a training program for Primary Care (PC) professionals developed to increase knowledge, attitudes, and skills for managing patients with risky alcohol use and in the motivational interview.

DESIGN: Multicenter, two-arm parallel, randomized, open-label controlled clinical trial.

SETTING: PC of the Andalusian Health Service.

PARTICIPANTS: The study was completed by 80 healthcare professionals from 31 PC centers.

INTERVENTIONS: In both experimental and control groups, a workshop on managing patients with risky alcohol consumption and the resolution of two videotaped clinical cases with standardized patients were conducted. The experimental group attended a workshop on motivational interviewing.

MAIN MEASUREMENTS: Knowledge about managing risky alcohol use, clinical performance in patients with this health problem, and assessment of the motivational interview.

RESULTS: Mean age was 39.50±13.06 - SD - (95% CI: 36.59-42.41); 71.3% (95% CI: 61.1-80.9%) were women. The average score of both groups in the knowledge questionnaire before the training program was 15.10±4.66, becoming 21.99±3.93 points after the training (95% CI: 5.70-7.92; p

CONCLUSIONS: A training program aimed at PC professionals designed to increase knowledge on how to manage risky alcohol use and acquire communication skills in motivational interviewing is effective.


Health training, Primary care, Risky alcohol use, Motivational interview, Health advice


PMID: 38086313



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