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Advancements in photonics technologies have significantly enhanced their capability to facilitate experiments involving quantum light, even at room temperature. Nevertheless, fully integrating photonic chips that include quantum light sources, effective manipulation and transport of light minimizing losses, and appropriate detection systems remains an ongoing challenge. Topological photonic systems have emerged as promising platforms to protect quantum light properties during propagation, beyond merely preserving light intensity. In this work, we delve into the dynamics of non-classical light traversing a Su-Schrieffer-Heeger photonic lattice with topological domain walls. Our focus centers on how topology influences the quantum properties of light as it moves across the array. By precisely adjusting the spacing between waveguides, we achieve dynamic repositioning and interaction of domain walls, facilitating effective beam-splitting operations. Our findings demonstrate high-fidelity transport of non-classical light across the lattice, replicating known results that are now safeguarded by the topology of the system. This protection is especially beneficial for quantum communication protocols with continuous variable states. Our study enhances the understanding of light dynamics in topological photonic systems and paves the way for high-fidelity, topology-protected quantum communication.


Quantum optics, Photonic devices, Electronic properties and materials


PMID: 38816484

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