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Foodborne pathogens can be found in various foods, and it is important to detect foodborne pathogens to provide a safe food supply and to prevent foodborne diseases. The nucleic acid base detection method is one of the most rapid and widely used methods in the detection of foodborne pathogens; it depends on hybridizing the target nucleic acid sequence to a synthetic oligonucleotide (probes or primers) that is complementary to the target sequence. Designing primers and probes for this method is a preliminary and critical step. However, new bioinformatics tools are needed to automate, specific and improve the design sets to be used in the nucleic acid‒base method. Thus, we developed foodborne pathogen primer probe design (FBPP), an open-source, user-friendly graphical interface Python-based application supported by the SQL database for foodborne pathogen virulence factors, for (i) designing primers/probes for detection purposes, (ii) PCR and gel electrophoresis photo simulation, and (iii) checking the specificity of primers/probes.


Computational biology and bioinformatics, Microbiology, Molecular biology


PMID: 38216615



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