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BACKGROUND: Fibular hemimelia is the most common congenital long bone deficiency. It is often associated with femoral and tibial deficiencies which result in a clinically evident leg length discrepancy. The primary soft tissue concern is ACL/PCL deficiency. If treatment includes bony lengthening, joint stability is imperative to avoid complications. In this study, we detail a novel technique for long bone lengthening and ACL reconstruction in a single, cohesive surgery. This consolidates the need for multiple procedures and offers improved limb length symmetry and knee stability for this patient population. Clinical outcomes of pediatric patients with hemimelia who underwent either femoral or tibial lengthening with PRECICE® nail and concomitant ACL reconstruction are presented.

METHODS: After IRB approval, we identified five patients with complex fibular hemimelia who underwent ACL reconstruction and concomitant lengthening with at least two years of follow-up. Two patients (40%) presented with congenital short femur, and three (60%) with congenital short tibia. In each case, ACL reconstruction and either femoral or tibial guided growth via PRECICE® nail were performed. Operative techniques involving both soft tissue and bony methodology are described in detail.

RESULTS: All patients had objective improvement in knee stability as assessed both intra and post operatively, as well as successful intermedullary lengthening without complications related to joint stability. Three patients had minor complications unrelated to joint stability that did not interfere with overall result.

CONCLUSION: Fibular hemimelia associated with hypoplasia of bony and soft tissue structures can be successfully addressed with concomitant ligamentous reconstruction at the time of implantation of lengthening devices. This addresses knee instability and reduces both number of operative procedures and potential complications related to joint instability while pursuing bony lengthening.


fibular hemimelia, ACL reconstruction, pediatrics, case series, PRECICE


PMID: 38919371

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