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Choanal atresia is a rare congenital airway malformation that presents a unique surgical challenge for pediatric otolaryngologists. Here we report two classic cases of choanal atresia and examine the surgical approaches to this entity. The first case was a four-day-old female with a history of CHARGE syndrome and bilateral mixed membranous and bony choanal atresia confirmed by a CT scan. After undergoing transnasal endoscopic repair, choanal stents were placed for four weeks, and the patient was seen three months postoperatively and found to be doing well with no respiratory concerns. The second case involved a healthy three-year-old female presenting with unilateral combined membranous and bony atresia. Following successful endoscopic repair, she was seen at a three-month follow-up with no signs of restenosis. Additionally, a literature review was performed to evaluate updates since the 2012 Cochrane Review on surgical treatment of congenital choanal atresia.


surgeons, surgery, otolaryngologists, standard of care, endoscopy, charge syndrome, pediatric otolaryngology, choanal atresia


PMID: 35607544



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