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Head & Neck


BACKGROUND: Head and neck cancer (HNC) survivors experience head and neck lymphedema (HNL), which requires treatment to prevent morbidity. We explore the self-reported outcomes and satisfaction of patients with HNC receiving treatment for HNL with an advanced pneumatic compression device (APCD).

METHODS: HNC survivors (n = 205) prescribed with an at-home Flexitouch head and neck APCD completed pretreatment and posttreatment self-reported assessments addressing efficacy, function, and symptoms. Participant average age was 60 years with 74% male. Pre-post responses for ≥25 days of use were assessed via the non-parametric Wilcoxon Signed Rank test.

RESULTS: Analysis revealed statistically significant improvement in all symptoms and all function items (P < 0.00001). Compliance with prescribed therapy (at least 30 minutes daily) was high with 71% of participants reporting daily use and 87% reporting overall satisfaction.

CONCLUSIONS: The reported improvements in function and symptoms, and high compliance rate, provide a rationale for a subsequent randomized controlled trial.


head and neck cancer, head and neck lymphedema, patient‐reported outcomes, pneumatic compression, swallowing difficulty


PMID: 32187788



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