BTG/TOB factors impact deadenylases

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Trends in Biochemical Sciences


BTG/TOB factors are a family of antiproliferative proteins whose expression is altered in numerous cancers. They have been implicated in cell differentiation, development and apoptosis. Although proposed to affect transcriptional regulation, these factors interact with CAF1, a subunit of the main eukaryotic deadenylase, and with poly(A)-binding-proteins, strongly suggesting a role in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. The recent determination of the structures of BTG2, TOB1 N-terminal domain (TOB1N138) and TOB1N138-CAF1 complexes support a role for BTG/TOB proteins in mRNA deadenylation, a function corroborated by recently published functional characterizations. We highlight molecular mechanisms by which BTG/TOB proteins influence deadenylation and discuss the need for a better understanding of BTG/TOB physiological functions.


Animals, Cell Cycle Proteins, Humans, Models, Biological, Protein Conformation, Tumor Suppressor Proteins