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Indian Journal of Community Medicine


BACKGROUND: The WHO defines LBW as "Birth weight less than 2500 grams" regardless of gestational age. Being born with a low birth weight also incurs enormous economic costs, including higher medical expenditures and social service expenses, and decreased productivity in adulthood.

OBJECTIVE: To study distribution of newborns' according to pregnancy related factors and its association with newborns' birth weight.

METHODS: An institutional based cross-sectional study. New-borns delivered at study institute were considered as study participants. Estimated final sample size was 500. Guardians (mothers) were face-to-face interviewed and also recorded data were collected from the case file and Mother and Child Protection Card.

RESULTS: Prevalence of LBW newborns was higher in mothers with late ANC registration,visits, chronic medical conditions, infection during pregnancy, PIH, anemia, consuming tobacco, exposure to second hand smoke, LSCS/Assisted delivery, in female newborns', current pregnancy birth order number more than 2, in pre term newborns' and mothers with bad obstetric history.

CONCLUSION: Create awareness and adoption of suitable family planning methods. Need to do early (within 12 weeks) ANC registration with minimum four ANC visits for better pregnancy outcome. Effective tracking and suitable intervention provided to improve current pregnancy outcome. Health care professional should pay special attention to high-risk pregnancy. Develop social culture in such a way that females are neither addicted nor exposed to any tobacco containing products in their life.


Cross sectional study, low birth weight, newborn, pregnancy, tertiary care hospital



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