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BACKGROUND: For reasons not fully explained to date, contraception usage among women with HIV remains low. The aim of our study was to understand attitudes toward and lifetime use of contraception among women with HIV.

METHODS: We administered an anonymous, community-informed, voluntary survey to cisgender, English-speaking women with HIV (≥18 years of age) at a Southern urban HIV clinic. It included multiple choice and Likert-scale questions on reproductive health. Participants reported contraception use, recollection of provider conversations about contraception, and perceived empowerment and knowledge regarding reproductive health. We used chi-square and Fisher exact tests to compare attitudes and prior conversations about contraception by age (< vs ≥45 years), race (Black vs non-Black), and lifetime contraception use.

RESULTS: The median age of the 114 participants was 52 years, and 62% of the women identified as Black and 31% as White. Women reported a median of 2 unique family planning methods used throughout life, with oral contraceptive pills being most the common (59%). Only 20% of women reported having ever used long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). Only 56% of women recalled talking with a provider about contraception. Women of non-Black race and those who had used LARC were more likely to remember (72 vs 52%;

CONCLUSIONS: Throughout life, participants reported using a diversity of contraceptives. Only half of women remembered a provider conversation about contraception. Understanding women's preferences regarding contraception should guide counseling.


contraception, empowerment, HIV, reproductive health



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