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BACKGROUND: Classroom-based physical activity approaches can improve children's physical activity levels during school. However, the implementation of these approaches remains a challenge. The purpose of this study was to examine implementation strategies to support the delivery of classroom-based physical activity approaches from the perspectives of elementary school staff.

METHODS: We conducted individual interviews with elementary school staff from a mid-sized school district in Texas. Interviews lasted approximately 60 min and were audio recorded and transcribed for analyses. We used directed content analysis and an iterative categorization approach to identify emerging themes related to implementation strategies.

RESULTS: We interviewed 15 participants (4 classroom teachers, 4 physical education teachers, 3 assistant principals, and 4 principals) about implementation strategies supporting classroom-based physical activity approaches. Four prominent themes related to implementation strategies emerged: 1) the role of program champions, 2) the use and function of staff training, 3) the importance of strategic planning, and 4) the use of positive reinforcements to support implementation.

CONCLUSIONS: Results highlight the need for multiple implementation strategies to support the delivery of classroom-based physical activity approaches. Results also highlight potential mechanisms through which the implementation strategies operate. This information is valuable to future planning efforts for classroom-based physical activity approaches.


Child, Exercise, Humans, Physical Education and Training, Program Evaluation, School Health Services, School Teachers, Schools

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