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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually acquired infection in the US. Vaccination is effective against infection with high-risk HPV strains, yet HPV vaccine coverage is lower in the US than the national target. This study aimed to determine the relationship between sexual behaviors and HPV vaccination in a heterosexually active population at increased risk for HIV infection. Data from 380 participants aged 18-45 years obtained from the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance system increased risk heterosexuals cycle 5 (2019) in Houston, Texas, was analyzed. RDS-Analyst was used to generate population-based descriptive statistics. Modified Poisson regression models clustered on recruitment chain were conducted in SAS 9.4 to assess the relationship between sexual behaviors and HPV vaccination. Only 11.5% of participants had received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine. Regarding behaviors within the past 12 months, 44.8% reported having condomless casual sex, 51.3% reported having concurrent sexual partnerships while in their most recent relationship, 14.5% reported exchanging sex, and participants had an average of 4-5 sex partners. Further, those who exchanged sex had a significantly lower prevalence of HPV vaccine uptake when compared to those who did not exchange sex (adjusted prevalence ratio 0.23; confidence interval 0.10-0.52), while all other measures of sexual behavior were not significantly associated with HPV vaccination. More research is needed to understand the relationship between exchange sex and low prevalence of vaccination, specifically in women who bear the highest burden of poor HPV-related morbidity and mortality.


Adult, Humans, Female, HIV Infections, Papillomavirus Infections, Human Papillomavirus Viruses, Papillomavirus Vaccines, Sexual Behavior, Vaccination

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