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Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine


OBJECTIVE: to determine the incidence, types, and risk factors of musculoskeletal injuries in a military security forces population.

METHODS: Demographic and diagnostic data were retrieved on enlisted US Air Force security forces personnel who served on active duty between January 2009 and December 2018. Incidence rates and ratios were calculated using Poisson regression.

RESULTS: During 251,787 person-years of exposure, 62,489 personnel served on active duty. Of these, 40,771 (65.2%) were diagnosed with at least one musculoskeletal injury. The majority (60.1%) of the 164,078 unique musculoskeletal injuries were inflammation and pain secondary to overuse. After adjusting for other factors, women had a 31% higher injury rate than men, and those who were overweight and obese had 15% and 30% higher rates, respectively, than normal-weight peers.

CONCLUSIONS: Modifiable and non-modifiable factors contribute to musculoskeletal injuries in the security forces career field.


Female, Humans, Incidence, Male, Military Personnel, Musculoskeletal Diseases, Overweight, Risk Factors, United States

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