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BACKGROUND: Schools are a key setting for supporting youth physical activity, given their broad reach and diverse student populations. Organizational readiness is a precursor to the successful implementation of school-based physical activity opportunities. The R = MC

METHODS: We analyzed interview data from 15 elementary school staff (principals, assistant principals, physical education teachers, and classroom teachers) from a school district in Texas. We focused on factors related to adopting, implementing, and sustaining a variety of school-based physical activity opportunities. We used the Framework Method to guide the analysis and coded data using deductive (informed by the R = MC

RESULTS: Four themes emerged from the data: (1) implementation is aided by the presence of internal and external relationships; (2) physical activity opportunities compete with other school priorities; (3) seeing the benefits of physical activity opportunities motivates school staff toward implementation; and (4) staff buy-in is critical to the implementation process. Themes 1-3 aligned with subcomponents of the R = MC

CONCLUSION: Our results highlight and explain how key readiness constructs impact the implementation of school-based physical activity opportunities. They also highlight the importance of obtaining staff buy-in when implementing in the school setting. This information is critical to developing readiness-building strategies that help schools improve their capacity to deliver physical activity opportunities effectively.



Adolescent, Humans, Heuristics, Exercise, Qualitative Research, Students, Motivation

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