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Marine Pollution Bulletin


This study aims to assess seasonal and spatial variations, contamination status, ecological risks, and metal sources (Ni, Pb, Cr, Cu, Mn, and Zn) in human-afforested mangrove sediments in a deltaic region. Five sampling locations were sampled during dry and wet seasons. Heavy metal concentrations followed the order: Mn > Zn > Ni > Cr > Cu > Pb. Metal loads, except Cu and Pb, were higher during the dry season, aligning with national and international recommendations. Sediment quality guidelines, contamination factor, geoaccumulation index, enrichment factors, and pollution load index indicated uncontaminated sediment in both seasons. Potential ecological risk assessment showed low risk conditions in all sites. However, modified hazard quotient indicated moderate pollution risk from all metals except Pb. Analysis suggests anthropogenic sources, particularly evident near shipbreaking yards in Sitakunda. While initially uncontaminated, ongoing metal influx poses a potential risk to mangrove ecosystems.


Contamination, Distribution, Ecological risk, Heavy metals, Mangrove sediments, mHQ



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