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Objective: Donor organ assessment is challenging, particularly when physicians and surgeons have to make decisions remotely. To improve communication and preparation for the transplant process, we proposed that a versatile, secure, and transportable video presence would enable a detailed assessment of donor organs.

Methods: A virtual reality camera with a 360-degree visualization range was used with a smartphone receiver to enable integral assessment of the donor's heart in the operating room, with visualization of the organs in real time. Prospective, observational data was collected in two cases in this proof-of-concept study. An assessment physician evaluated the donor heart remotely, and the assessment physician’s conclusions were compared to the transplanting surgeon.

Results: The assessment physician was able to adjust the view, angle, contrast, and zoom of the images independently and deemed the organs suitable for transplant, which correlated in a blinded fashion with the procurement surgeon’s independent assessment.

Discussion: Usage of 360-degree high definition cameras and real-time, three-dimensional mobile receivers may be a feasible approach to apply to organ procurement, allowing physicians located remotely from the procurement center to participate and assist in the final intraoperative assessment for organ acceptance.

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