Call for Papers: Journal of Family Strengths

Special Issue Editors: Rebecca Pfeffer (University of Houston-Downtown)


E. Christopher Lloyd (University of Arkansas at Little Rock), Angelo Giardino (Texas Children's Health Plan), Robert Sanborn (CHILDREN AT RISK), William V. Flores (University of Houston-Downtown)

Underserved Populations in the United States: Research, Response and Resilience

Many groups in the United States are underrepresented in research in the social sciences, medicine, public health, education, and other human services. Explanations include hidden or difficult to access groups, wariness towards researchers or institutions, others may experience language barriers or other communicative difficulties.

None the less, including underserved populations in research and policy development is imperative. Methodologies that include underserved groups provide a more comprehensive understanding of the nature and extent of social problems as well as alternative perspectives on both problems and responses. Public policies focusing on interventions are better targeted and funded when underrepresented groups are included in research and evaluation.

In response to this problem, manuscripts are being sought that contribute to advancing evidence-based practice and policy with underserved populations. Underserved populations may include, but are not limited to: children or adults with disabilities, undocumented immigrants, LGBT individuals, runaway youth, homeless individuals, those with mental illness, religious minorities, and rural inhabitants.

Interested authors should submit an abstract of their proposed manuscripts to by as soon as possible. The deadline for papers is April 30, 2015. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the Managing Editor at for more information.

The Journal of Family Strengths (JFS), formerly Family Preservation Journal, is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal produced by the CHILDREN AT RISK Institute in partnership with the Center for Public Service & Family Strengths at the University of Houston-Downtown and the Texas Medical Center Library. JFS is devoted to presenting theoretical, policy, practice, and evaluation articles on the strengths perspective in family-centered practice to improve services that promote and sustain family systems.