Donated by Dr. John P. McGovern, John P. McGovern Collection of Texas Historical Medical Documents collection includes medical ledgers, bills, apothecary receipts, legal documents, colonization contracts, a book about effects of climate and weather changes on disease and death, correspondence, legislative and government records, official government seals and Republic-era currency. These records created primarily by Texas-based physicians and surgeons during the pre-Republic era to the beginning of the 20th century, making it the oldest collection of historical documents in the McGovern Historical Center repository.

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Items from this exhibit are from the McGovern Historical Center at The TMC Library.

Receipt For Medical and Post-Mortem Services
Receipt from Dr. Greensville Dowell
The Climate of Texas In Relations to the Distribution of Diseases and the Effects of Climate and Weather Changes in Causing Diseases and Deaths
The Climate of Texas in Relations to the Distribution of Diseases and the Effects of Climate and Weather Changes in Causing Diseases and Deaths
Colonization Contract
Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company Colonization Contract, October 16, 1830
Instruccion Formada Para Ministrar La Vacuna, Como Único Preservativo Del Contagio De Las Viruelas, Y En Defecto De Su Fluido Inocular Con El Pus De Esta (Spanish)
Instruccion formada para ministrar la vacuna, como único preservativo del contagio de las viruelas, y en defecto de su fluido inocular con el pus de esta
Yellow Fever Quarantine Proclamation
Yellow Fever in Texas
Certificate Of Election
Certificate and Notice to Unknown Elected Recipient to Represent the Conservative Union Citizens at the National Union Convention
Ledger Of Medical Services, Prescriptions Provided
Itemized Bill Medical Services, Prescriptions Provided by Dr. M.G. Durham, c. 1845-1846
Receipt For Medicine Purchased
Receipt for Medicine Purchased from Dr. John T. Patterson, c. 1839-1840
Leather box with empty medicine vials
Doctor' Travel Bag containing Glass Vials of Medicine, c. 1870s
Letter from Plantation and Slave Owner to A? Powell, June 15, 1843
Receipt for the Capture of Fugitive Enslaved Person
Receipt for the Capture and Release of Ruben, an Enslaved Man, February 22, 1860
Receipt for Medical Services, Medications Provided
Receipt for Medical Services, Medications Provided by Dr. J. Munson, c. 1843-1844