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Dr. Jarrett H. Folley served as the Medical Director of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) from 1950 to 1951, during his leave of absence from the Hichcock Clinic, Hanover, New Hampshire. The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission was authorized by directive of the President of the United States in 1946. During the same year it was established under the auspices of the National Research Council with the support of the Atomic Energy Commission for the purpose of studying long-term medical effects of the atomic bombs exploded in Japan in 1945. In 1948 the ABCC initiated the first survey of the incidence of leukemia in populations exposed to high energy radiation by the explosion of an atomic bomb. Folley published his report on the incidence of leukemia in the survivors of the bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the American Journal of Medicine in 1952. See more at


MS 097

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November 9, 2021




ABCC Collections, Leukemia, Nagasaki (Japan), Hiroshima (Japan), Dartmouth University (Hanover, N.H.), Field Agency Committee on Atomic Casualties Division of Medical Sciences National Research Council, Wayne Borges, Takuso Yamawake, Stuart C. Finch, Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, Jarrett H. Folley, reprints, reports, notes (documents), correspondence


The collection is divided into three series: Reports; Reprints; and Presentations. The Reports series is comprised of official interim and quarterly reports issued by the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission. The Reprints series includes an article written by Dr. Folley, Dr. Wayne Borges and Dr. Takuso Yamawaki for the American Journal of Medicine "Incidence of Leukemia in Survivirs of the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan." See more at MS 097.


Dr. Folley's papers were donated by his daughters Penny Folley Miller and Gillian Folley White to the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library in 1997 as part of an initiative to collect the personal papers of individuals who had participated in the work of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission. No accruals are expected for this collection.



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