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Born December 30, 1942 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended Jesuit High School and then graduated in 1964 from Loyola University with a BS in biology. He earned his MD with honors from Tulane University in 1967, with an additional MS in anatomy in 1968. Dr. Buja worked for the National Institute of Health between 1968 and 1974, when he moved to the department of pathology at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas. In 1989 he was appointed chair of the pathology department of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, where he became dean in 1996.


MS 235

Publication Date(s)

March 2021




Pathology, Houston (TX), New Orleans (LA), Dallas (TX), Louis Maximilian Buja, Vernie A. Stembridge, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, photographs, newsletters, books, autobiographies, memoirs, correspondence, administrative records, awards, annual reports, ephemera (general object genre)


Files of professional activities to the TMC Library. Self-published a book with excerpts of various presentations from career. And also a personal family memoir. Photographs, annual reports, material related to his deanship at the UTHSCH, speeches, correspondence, ephemera, and mementos. See more at MS 235.


Dr. Buja delivered 4 boxes to the archive. Deed of gift signed on March 23, 2021. Accruals are possible for this collection.



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