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Dr. McGovern was the recipient of numerous awards and the holder of seventeen professorships. The American Medical Association presented him with the Special Award for Meritorious Service and said he was truly a giant in American Medicine. Dr. McGovern’s long-standing commitment to education, in the form of teaching, research and scholarship, led to his appointment to seventeen professorships at fifteen universities. See more at

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Medallions (Decorative arts), Medals--Private collections, Medicine--History, Washington (D.C), Minneapolis (MN), New York City (NY), Vandalia (Ohio), John P. McGovern, Abram Belskie, medallions (medals)


This is personal collection of medical medallions acquired by John P. McGovern, MD. There are 188 medals, three of which are numbered and stored as pairs. See more at MS 200.


Donated by The McGovern Foundation in July 2016. No accruals are expected for this collection.



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