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The 27th Texas Legislature founded Texas Woman's College as the Girls Industrial School in Denton, Texas,in 1901, and graduated its first class in 1904. Graduate studies were initiated in 1930 and the first doctoral degree was awarded in 1953. It created Texas' first nationally accredited nursing school with Parkland Hospital, Dallas, in 1954. The name was changed to the College of Industrial Arts in 1905, Texas State College for Women in 1934, and finally Texas Woman's University in 1957. The nursing doctoral program is the largest in the country. See more at


MS 188

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October 2015




Nursing, ABCC Collections, Hiroshima (Japan), Texas Woman's University, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, diaries


The TWU Historical Research in Nursing Class Japan papers contains assigned journals written by graduate nursing students of their experiences while in Hiroshima, Japan as part of a Texas Women’s University class titled Historical Research in Nursing. The class traveled to Japan in October 2014. See more at MS 188.


The students donated these materials as part of an effort to collect material from the Texas Woman's University nursing program, and in relation to the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission.



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