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William J. Schull, PhD was an American scientist and geneticist famous for his research into the effects of ionizing radiation on the human body largely based on the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after World War II. Dr. Schull began his scientific career in radiation research in 1949 when he joined the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC), established in Japan in 1946 by the United States National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council to study the effects of the bombings in accordance with a presidential directive from Harry S. Truman. See more at


MS 170

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March 22, 2022




World War (1939-1945), ABCC Collections, Radiation, Atomic Bomb, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, Hiroshima (Japan), Missouri, Louisiana, Nagasaki (Japan), Kure (Japan), Kuroshima (Japan), Tokyo (Japan), Kyoto (Japan), Beijing (China), San Antonio (TX), Houston (TX), Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Kodiak Island (AK), Pribolofs (AK), Kurashima Island (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand), Thailand (Asia), Australia (South Pacific), Samoa (South Pacific), Phillippines (Phillippine Islands), Japan, Radiation Effects Research Foundation, William J. Schull, texts (documents), photographs » photographic prints, transparencies, scrapbooks, visitors' books, photographs, photographs » black-and-white photographs, ephemera (general object genre), photographs » negatives (photographs)


The William J. Schull Photograph Collection, contains photographic prints, positive and negative transparencies, and text ephemera from Dr. Schull's career and many international travels as a global scientific research consultant in the effects of radiation and human genetics and connoisseur of the world's cultures. Dr. Schull collected and preserved all of the material in this collection in the course of his professional career and private life from 1945 to 2014. See more at MS 170.


The McGovern Historical Center received this material directly from William J. Schull during his lifetime. Except as noted in a folder's heading, the images were created by Dr. Schull, an avid photographer. The material remained in his possession until it was donated to the McGovern Historical Center.



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