Author Biographical Info

Family physician Douglas H. Rankin was born August 23, 1949.


MS 160

Publication Date(s)

March 28, 2013




Medical instruments, Hearing impaired, Austin (TX), Douglas H. Rankin, realia, artifacts (object genre)


The D.H. Rankin Medical Artifacts Collection was donated by Dr. Rankin, a family physician in Austin, Texas. Dr. Rankin had a personal interest in hearing related devices and early twentieth century quack medical devices. Dr. Rankin acquired artifacts from online auction sites, auction houses, and catalogs. Receipts and sale information for some items are included in the control folder. See more at MS 160.


The donated materials also included a number of rare books that been separated from the collection and will be added, if deemed appropriate, to the McGovern Rare Books Library.



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