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Arthur Gramson Boss Brown was born in Bosworth, Missouri, on February 10, 1873. He graduated from Simms Medical College in St. Louis in 1902 and moved to Dean Lake, Missouri, in 1903 but returned to Bosworth later that year and spent the rest of his life there. He retired due to failing health and sold his practice in 1948. See more at


MS 136

Publication Date(s)

February 18, 2022




General practice, Missouri (United States), A. G. Boss Brown, realia


This collections consisted of a black medical bag as well as medicines and medical tools that were apparently owned by A. G. Boss Brown, M.D. from Bosworth, Missouri. The materials range from good condition to very poor condition. As of January 2022, the bag itself is no longer part of the collection, and its disposition is unknown. See more at MS 136.


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