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Marvin Aaron Kastenbaum was born in New York City on January 16, 1926. During World War II, he served with the 124th Cavalry Regiment and later the 613th Field Artillery Battalion. Kastenbaum was stationed in Burma, and the units he was stationed with participated in the reopening the Burma Road, a vital supply route from Burma to China. He and Dr. William C. Moloney wrote a study of A-bomb radiation on humans. Upon completion of the final report, Marvin A. Kastenbaum decided he would make a career of medical statistics. In September of 1954 he returned to Chapel Hill to complete the requirements for his doctorate in statistics at the University of North Carolina. While there, Dr. Kastenbaum worked as a statistician for the University's Department of Public Health. See more at

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Atomic Bomb, ABCC Collections, Radiation, Burns, Nuclear warfare, Nagasaki (Japan), Hiroshima (Japan), Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, Marvin A. Kastenbaum, William C. Moloney, photographs, motion pictures (visual works), realia, artifacts, letters (correspondence), books, textile materials, videotapes, film (material by form), clippings (information artifacts), programs (documents), articles, reports, DVDs


The Marvin A. Kastenbaum, PhD, papers, MS 93, 1950-1997, contains materials related to the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC), including audio-visual materials, photographs, artifacts, personal cards, clippings, and statistical analyses compilied by the ABCC. Kastenbaum worked for 17 months as a statistician with the ABCC. Kastenbaum's first contribution to the archive in March 1994 was a set of photographs of ABCC employees. See more at MS 093.


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