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Dr. Moursund's association with Baylor University College of Medicine began in 1911 when he joined the staff as an assistant in pathology and bacteriology. The college was at this time located in Dallas, and in the ensuing years Dr. Moursund served in a variety of roles, including professor of physiology, pathology, clinical pathology, bacteriology and hygiene. He also served as secretary and registrar, as acting dean, and finally as dean from 1923 until his retirement in 1953. His tenure spanned the years of Baylor's move to Houston in 1943 and its growth as part of the newly-created Texas Medical Center. His file of clippings and other material documenting the medical school's growth became the basis for A History of Baylor University College of Medicine 1900-1953, published by Dr. Moursund in 1956. See more at


MS 042

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September 1987




Physiology, Pathology, Bacteriology, Texas Medical Center founders, Houston (TX), Dallas (TX), Baylor College of Medicine, Walter H. Moursund, manuscripts (documents), correspondence, pamphlets, clippings


The Walter H. Moursund, MD papers contains biographical material, a manuscript, miscellaneous correspondence, pamphlets, survey reports, press clippings, department reports, Baylor College of Medicine clippings, programs, directories and miscellaneous documents, articles related to many Houston area medical institutions and other paper materials related to the career of Walter Moursund in internal medicine and at Baylor college of Medicine. See more at MS 042.


Following Dr. Moursund's death, the collection was retained by his daughter, Mrs. Mildred Essig. Elizabeth White, director of the Historical Research Center of the Houston Academy of Medicine/Texas Medical Center Library, became aware of the collection while corresponding with Mrs. Essig and other family members in 1984 and arranged for its transference to the Harris County Medical Archive in 1986.



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