Do you have old recordings that show what you were like when you were younger? Well, so does the Texas Medical Center!

In the 1970s, a series of video interviews captured the stories of TMC leaders and important visitors. Meanwhile, audio and video had emerged as valuable tools in medical education and community outreach.

As these recording technologies age, archivists at the TMC Library are working to preserve this audiovisual history for the future. The McGovern Historical Center recently digitized and shared online more than 50 archival films, videos and sound recordings.

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Submissions from 1998


Texas Medical Center “The Power of a Dream”, The Texas Medical Center

Submissions from 1988


Interview with WIlliam A. Spencer, MD, William A. Spencer

Submissions from 1985


Texas Medical Center "Visions", The Texas Medical Center

Submissions from 1977


Interview with Carmen Annes Dias Prudente, Carmen Annes-Dias Prudente

Submissions from 1973


Interview with Leopold L. Meyer, Leopold L. Meyer

Submissions from 1972


“The Texas Medical Center”, Methodist Hospital, Raymond O’Leary, production by TMC, Inc, color, The Texas Medical Center