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Founded in 1903 to improve medical standards and health care in Harris County. Advocated for the creation of the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners in 1907, creating the state’s first standards for training and education of physicians and midwives. Over the years, it has run many public health and awareness campaigns for illnesses such as polio and AIDS, and functioned as a facilitator for emergency response resources in times of crisis. It has also spearheaded the formation of organizations such as the Houston Academy of Medicine, the HAM-TMC Library, the Gulf Coast Blood Center, and the Health Museum, and sponsors the John P. McGovern Complete Physician Award for physicians whose careers embody the Oslerian ideals of medical excellence, ethics, and humanity.


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approximately 1981




Referendum, Population Groups, Public hospitals, Traffic congestion, Medical care--Costs, Houston (TX), Texas Medical Center, Jefferson Davis Hospital (Houston, TX), Harris County Hospital District, audiovisual materials, sound recordings, broadcast advertising


This Harris County Medical Society sound recording comes from a 12" phonograph record. It contains four commercials, each one minute in length, regarding an upcoming vote for the location of the new Jefferson Davis Hospital. The segments cite increased traffic; duplication of administrative, maintenance, and personnel costs; and the geographic location of existing paitents as reasons to oppose a new facility in the Texas Medical Center and support a hospital on the present site. See more at Harris County Medical Society Recordsand its finding aid.


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