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Founded in 1903 to improve medical standards and health care in Harris County. Advocated for the creation of the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners in 1907, creating the state’s first standards for training and education of physicians and midwives.


IC 004

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Musculoskeletal Diseases, Poliomyelitis, Mobile Health Units, Physicians--Societies, etc., Harris County (TX), Houston (TX), Harris County Medical Society (TX), photographs, newsletters, yearbooks, scrapbooks, audiovisual materials


Harris County Medical Society records consists of about 14 boxes and contains financial, newspaper clippings, audio discs, digital roster CD, photographs, bound copies of Physicians Newsletter, pictorial rosters that document the history of the Harris County Medical Society. See more at IC 004.


In 2022 the South Central Academic Medical Libraries Consortium (SCAMeL) Speedy Startup funds facilitated the digitization of one videotape and one phonograph record from this collection.



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