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Real property--Ownership, Wealth, Endowments


This 16mm color film with sound is titled, “George H. Hermann, The Man, His Gift, His Concern, His Legacy.” It is a biography of George H. Hermann, benefactor of Hermann Park, Hermann Hospital, and the Hermann Hospital Estate. The film primarily features narration over color drawings (still images, not animation). The opening and closing segments feature live moving images of contemporary Houston, notably Hermann Park and Hermann Hospital. It has a runtime of 23:30 minutes.

The film was produced by Hill Audio-Visual Productions Houston. The film states its copyright as 1983 by the Hermann Hospital Estate.

(0:27) Film opens on shots of Hermann Park as the narrator introduces George Hermann and his “concern.”

(1:20) Title card with text “George H. Hermann, The Man, His Gift, His Concern, His Legacy. Copyright 1983 Hermann Hospital Estate.”

(1:28) The biography of Hermann starts, beginning with his father John Hermann, who was born Switzerland and eventually moved to Houston.

(3:22) George Henry Hermann’s birth

(3:40) Account of the Hermann family’s life and work in Houston

(4:50) George Hermann’s service in Company A of the 26th Texas Calvary during the Civil War.

(5:30) Hermann’s return to Houston after the war, his work in a general store, and his initial work with cattle: “His holdings grew rapidly.”

(7:10) His courtship with Elizabeth Broussard, rejection, and bachelorhood.

(8:15) Hermann’s lifestyle, frugality, and business dealings

(10:40) His friendships and attendance to the sick

(11:19) His acquisition of land in Humble that would eventually yield oil and form the basis of the Humble Oil and Refining Company.

(12:24) Hermann’s vision for a charity hospital.

(13:18) A yearlong vacation through the South and East Coast, then Europe.

(14:22) His return to Houston and the creation of a city park on the site of his first home.

(17:14) His declining health and deeding over 285 acres for Hermann Park to the City of Houston.

(18:41) In August 1914 he traveled to Baltimore where he spent weeks in a hospital, then to Battle Creek, Michigan for mineral baths. Upon returning to Baltimore, a doctor found stomach cancer. Hermann died on October 21, 1914.

(20:04) Hermann’s funeral in Houston

(21:44) As the film cuts to contemporary images of Houston, the narrator concludes by reflecting on Hermann and his relationship to the city of Houston.


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