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Dr. Armin Weinberg is the cofounder of the Intercultural Cancer Council. The Intercultural Cancer Council records contains informational materials, photographs, and other materials that document the programs, activities, events, people, and initiatives of the Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC)), an organization that addressed healthcare inequities.



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The Cultural Competence in Cancer Care: A Health Care Professional's Passport Pocket Guide is informational material published by the Intercultural Cancer Council in 2006. Organized using a travel metaphor with six "stops" that progressively take you on a journey of learning towards cultural competency as it relates to cancer care in the United States. The guide was designed for Health Care Professionals working with underserved populations. The guide enhanced "the existing information on cultural competency as a factor in prevention, early detection, screening, and intervention of cancer among racial/ethnic and socio-economic disadvantaged groups." See more at Intercultural Cancer Council Records.


Armin Weinberg and Lovell Jones are facilitating donations from several sources to preserve the materials of the organization. Photographer, H. Paul Cooper, Jr. has discussed donating digital images he took for the ICC.



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