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The Texas Medical Board is the body responsible for regulating medical practitioners in the state of Texas through examination, licensing, setting standards of practice, and, if necessary, disciplinary action. Texas began regulating physicians in 1837 when Dr. Anson Jones, one of the few formally educated physicians in the state, wrote the Medical Practice Act. The Board of Medical Censors tested prospective physicians and granted licenses from 1837 until 1848. A new regulatory law for medical doctors was enacted in 1873 and the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners was formed in 1907. In 1993 the Board expanded to create the Texas State Board of Physician Assistant Examiners and the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners. It was renamed the Texas Medical Board in 2005.


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The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners collection consists primarily of licensure records for more than 6,000 Texas physicians. The license applications and related materials date from 1907 to 1972. A typical doctor's file contains biographical information, licensure applications, registration cards, some correspondence, and usually a photograph. In addition to these files, there are two additional boxes of registration cards that are not accompanied by supplemental information. The collection also contains newsletters, a directory, and lists of doctors newly licensed, which date from 1979-2008. See more at IC 058.


Biographical information from this collection can also be found in the Gazetteer of Deceased Texas Physicians.



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