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Led by Dr. Elva A. Wright, the San Jacinto Lung Association was first established on November 11, 1911 as the Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League. In the early 20th Century, Houston had a higher death rate of tuberculosis than the national average with two in 1000 persons dying from the disease in 1910. The Association was a non-profit, community-driven organization dedicated to engage the people of Houston to control, prevent, and educate the community about tuberculosis.

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Tuberculosis, Public health, Respiratory diseases, Emphysema, Christmas Seals, Houston (TX), Jefferson Davis Hospital (Houston, TX), Katharine H.K. Hsu, San Jacinto Lung Association, scrapbooks, photographs, letters (correspondence), pamphlets, correspondence, stamps (exchange media)


The San Jacinto Lung Association records include correspondence, legal documents, budgets, tuberculosis statistics, committee reports and minutes, printed materials, scrapbooks, articles, christmas seals, and photographs that document the history, community services, staff and administration of the San Jacinto Lung Association. See more at IC 034.


Materials were donated to the archive by the San Jacinto Lung Association in June 1979.



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