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The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research was opened by William Spencer, MD, as the Southwestern Poliomyelitis Respiratory Center in 1951 at the peak of the US polio epidemic. It officially became The Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in 1959, then just The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in 1978. After the development of a vaccine in the early 1960s, Dr. Spencer shifted the practice to the rehabilitation of the catastrophically injured.


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Rehabilitation, Vocational rehabilitation, Medical rehabilitation, photographs » slides (photographs), audiovisual materials, newsletters, reports, directories, annual reports, administrative records, brochures, photographs, promotional materials, printed materials (object genre), research (documents), articles


The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research collection contains slides, Department of rehabilitation annual reports, The Spinal Connection, TIRR year in review, Midweek newsletter, Connection newsletter, TIRR annual report, Southwestern Poliomyelitis Respiratory Center Administrative reports, Scoliosis Paul R. Harrington, issues of Promethean, Rehabilitation Research and Training Center reports, and other related printed materials. See more at IC 017.


Per correspondence in the control folder, donation was facilitated by Martin Grabois, MD, of the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which had been storing it, in 2004.



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