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The South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association has its roots in the Texas Council of Health Science Libraries, which was formed in 1966 in an effort to make the collections of the state’s health science libraries more accessible to all health professionals. A group of doctors and other interested individuals met to discuss the possibility of creating a regional organization to serve this purpose. This was to be considered the first meeting of the TCHSL. The second meeting was held in 1966 at the Jesse H. Jones Library Building in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. In 1967, TCHSL asked the National Library of Medicine to fund a regional medical library to serve Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas. The proposal was accepted and in 1970 the South Central Regional Medical Library program began. See more at


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Medical librarians, Hospital libraries, Meetings, Conferences, Career development, Medical Library Association, newsletters, directories, correspondence, photographs, minutes (administrative records), financial records, digital media, born digital, bylaws (administrative records), reports, oral histories (literary works), manuals (instructional materials)


The South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association records (SCC/MLA) contain organizational history, photographs, bylaws, reports, policies, annual meeting records, executive board records, meeting minutes, committee documents, local arrangements materials, membership directories, procedure manuals, newsletters, oral histories, and digital media. The collection documents the activities, people, membership, leaders, and committee work of the SCC/MLA, a professional organization of medical librarians and libraries. See more at IC 036.


The Houston Academy of Medicine, Texan Medical Center, and the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Annual accruals are expected for this collection.



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