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Charles Fredrick (C. F.) Menninger, MD (also known as Dr. C. F. and CFM), began the Menninger Clinic in 1925. Although not initially a trained psychiatrist, he had an interest in psychiatry and is considered a pioneer in the then-emerging field. See more at


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Psychiatry, Psychiatric Hospitals, Kansas (United States), William Claire Menninger (1899-1966), Karl A. Menninger (Karl Augustus, 1893), Charles Frederick Menninger )(1862-1953), Menninger Foundation, Psychiatric


The Menninger collection comprises medical realia, publications, and ephemera from the Menninger Clinic and its former owners. The collection illustrates the evolution of the science of psychiatry and psychiatric treatment as seen through the eyes of America's first family of psychiatry, the Menningers, who opened its eponymous clinic in Topeka, Kansas, in 1925. Objects in the collection date as far back as 1854 through 2003, the year the clinic and its archive moved to Houston. See more at IC 078.


The Menninger Clinic. The Menninger Clinic donated this material to the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library. The collection was initially acquired in 2003 from the Menninger Foundation. Additional materials were found and added as an addendum to the collection in 2017.



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