Entire issue (large pdf file)

Articles include:

  • Family Preservation and Support: Past, Present, and Future. Katharine Hooper-Briar,C. Anne Broussard, John Ronnau, and Alvin Sallee
  • An Examination of Treatment Fidelity in an Intensive Family Preservation Program. Marianne Berry
  • Intensive Family Reunification Services: A Conceptual Framework and Case Example. Elaine Walton, Mark W. Fraser, Catherin Harlin, and Robert E. Lewis
  • Intensive Family Preservation Services: Do They Have Any Impact on Family Functioning? Roy W. Rodenhiser, Joseph Chandy, Kazi Ahmed
  • Institutionalizing Intensive Family Preservation Services: A Strategy for Creating Staffing Standards Based on Projections of At-Risk Children from Referral sources. Robert E. Lewis