This is a commentary on “The impact of family stressors on the social development of adolescents admitted to a residential treatment facility,” by Cynthia Harr. This article examines the important but relatively understudied relationship of family dynamics in the social development of high risk teens in residential treatment facility (RTF) care. The commentary supports the author’s calls for a continuum of care involving greater cooperation with parents, and critiques and expands on some of the recommendations.

Author Biography

David Derezotes is Professor, Chair of Mental Health and Practice, and Director of the Bridge Clinic at the College of Social Work, University of Utah. He has four children of his own between the ages of 20 and 26.

A Response To:

Cynthia Harr, Tancy Horn-Johnson, Nathaniel Williams, and Lacey DeJager, The Impact of Family Stressors on the Social Development of Adolescents Admitted to a Residential Treatment Facility