This volume focuses on the importance of including understudied or underserved populations in empirical research.For many reasons, there are groups of people whose experiences are systematically excluded from contemporary research in many fields; including education, criminal justice, public health, medicine, and the social sciences, to name but a few. Explanations abound as to why these groups are not represented in empirical research and range from individual to institutional barriers.

Author Biography

Dr. Pfeffer is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Houston – Downtown. Her research focuses generally on the victimization of vulnerable populations, including victims with special needs and victims of human trafficking and hate crimes. Her current research focuses on public policies addressing prostitution, both in terms of the buying and selling of sex, and specifically investigates effective law enforcement response to the problem of prostitution. As a research associate at Northeastern University’s Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research, she managed two National Institute of Justice-funded studies about human trafficking: one about the barriers to the successful identification and prosecution of human trafficking cases in the United States, and one about the experiences of labor trafficking victims in this country.